We’re havin’ a heat wave…

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The weather folks are predicting a hot few days, through the weekend.  Of course, they get a little too sensational; temps are going to be in the mid 90s with high humidity, making for a ‘heat index’ of 100+.  The way the weather stations speak, you’d think it isn’t supposed to be hot and humid in southern Indiana in July!   It does make you look for work indoors, or in an air conditioned tractor.

I hope to be out for a few afternoons in the JD 7130 tractor and bush hog.  That will make for a good day’s work.  And I can keep relatively cool doing it!

Later this morning, I’ll be spending a couple hours with a crop insurance adjuster, visiting fields that have been damaged by flooding.  It’s finally time to make those official contacts.  Those adjusters have been extra busy this year.

John has applied fungicide to the soybean crop.  He has a few hundred acres of beans yet to apply a last herbicide, but it will have to wait until next week, for the timing to be correct.  It must go on at the exact proper ‘stage’ of weed and soybean growth.  And, to be sure, John will do his best to be exact.

Also last week, the replanting of soybeans was completed.  Brandon took the JD 9360R with the little JD 1560 drill to do that.  He worked in over a hundred more acres of replant beans on July 9 and 10.  I think he was probably happy to unhook from that drill when he got done!  He also thoroughly cleaned the JD 9520R tractor and the air drill.  It really does look great again.   We will be taking stock of the drill’s condition, and planning for the refurbishment of the opener blades, boots, and gauge wheels in the off-season.  When we do refurbish the drill, we are considering the update of the row units to JD’s new “Pro Series” openers. 

JD 9520R tractor, 1910 air cart, and 1890 NT drill. All shiny again!

I hope all goes well for all of you out there.   Keep cool.  Next week is supposed to be a bit cooler, with highs in the 80s.  And it will be fair week  here.  The Knox County Fair is Indiana’s oldest county fair.

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