Rainy Saturday

June 15, 2019

Yes, we are having a light rain today, and occasionally some thunder.  We had planned to begin wheat harvest today.  We tried it on Wednesday, but the grain was too wet.  Since then, the weather has been beautiful:  warm, windy, and sunny.  It dried the wheat out a lot…enough that we were preparing to start again today.  But the weather will not allow us to cut wheat today!   The weather forecast is not very favorable for the next several days.  More rain is coming, I suppose.

First try at wheat harvest 2019. The grain was just a little too soggy to keep going.  Ross had the help of Brad from JL Farm Equipment to make the initial calibrations.

It was a good week at Carnahan & Sons.  The soybean planting was finished on Tuesday.  We had left unplanted the ‘low ground’ at the Cox farm, but by Tuesday, the water was gone, and the air drill even raised some dust as we placed the little beans into the soil!  In addition, we returned that day to the Dunlap farm to replant the soybeans there;  a hard rain the night after planting Dunlap created a hard crust that would not allow the beans to come up.  Replanting.  Not a farm favorite here.  For 2019, there was a little less soybean replanting, but more corn replanting than an average spring.

On the last day of soybean planting, some dust flew in the part of the field that formerly had water standing…


Feels good when you can raise some dust as you plant

We turned our attention to prepping the combines and headers for wheat harvest.  The JD took a little more attention, and Davis the mechanic came from Hutson’s to assist the set-up.  Some of the calibrations simply would not ‘take’, and it required his expertise to adjust some sensors.  Now, we think this new machine is completely ready for harvesting.  We will still have a consultant come from Hutson’s on the first harvest day, in order to train me in the fine points of the new technology inside the S780.  It has a new camera-based system to automate the internal threshing adjustments, and also a new self-calibrating yield measuring system in the grain tank.  Yes, I’ve read the owner’s manual, but an experienced person will make the learning curve easier to climb.

This was one of the puzzles we came across as we were performing the initial calibrations on the new S780.  We had to have some help.

Davis came from Hutson’s to help us get the set-up correct. He had to replace/adjust some sensors on the header.

Now, this S780 with its 640FD header is ready to go… or at least we think so!

Yesterday was Flag Day in the USA, and it was a very beautiful June day in SWIN.  The temperatures were a bit lower than average, and a gentle breeze made the sunny skies even more pleasant.

You could not ask for a more pleasant day than Flag Day in SWIN

Have a wonderful weekend, and for the other dads out there, enjoy your day!

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