end of #plant19…sort of

Saturday, June 8, 2019

What a week!

Brandon is cleaning up the corn planter, and the soybean air drill is parked today.  Why aren’t we out there planting today? Could it be the quarter-inch rain this morning?  No, it’s not just that.  The corn planting is done!

The corn planter was pretty hard to clean with the caked-on mud, but it turned out okay. It’s now back in its place in storage.

The CIH STX 420 got its turn on the wash pad, too.

So… the corn is done, or at least we think so.  Ross was able to get across the corn fields in the last few days.  He finished up on Monday, but went back on Tuesday and Wednesday to replant some of the earlier corn fields that had drowned out spots.  Any place he found a ‘bad stand’, he returned and replanted.  In two fields, Ross asked Brandon to work up the shabby stand of corn with a field cultivator;  in others, he just dropped in more seeds (in the bare places where standing water killed the sprouting corn) among the existing first-planted.  As he no-tills replant corn among existing rows, it is quite hard to match the previous rows, but the GPS system really helps that.

Ross has visited each corn field now, and he expects not to have to do any more corn replanting.  So, in a way, it’s a good thing.  But we will not fully know for a few more days until all the corn finally emerges from the soil.  I hate to say it, but a few gentle rains over the next few days would help!  We have rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  Isn’t it weird that after all we’ve experienced this spring with the unusually wet weather, we would be okay if a little more rain came over the weekend?

In the soybeans, I finished at the Huey farm yesterday afternoon.  That was the last soybean field.  There remains a little bit at the Cox farm… when I was planting there earlier, I had to drive around a wet area (approximately 10 acres), leaving it for later.  I was hoping to get back there today, but the rain stopped that idea.  Once the Cox farm is done, soybean planting will be complete, too!   I feel pretty good about the soybeans that got planted this week, and I am hopeful we will see those cotyledons sprout soon.  It is always just the best feeling when those little beans finally come up!


Planting soybeans at the Huey farm.


Planting conditions at Huey are very good this day.

Clean-up goes on.  The soybean air drill will wait for a thorough wash job until after the  DCB (double-crop soybeans) are done.  It does need a thorough greasing. (there are about 200 grease zerks on the thing)  The guys are getting the trucks ready for wheat harvest that will be upon us soon.  The folks from Midwest Ag Systems (MAS) have been here to inspect and prepare the grain dryer, which we expect to use in wheat.  The bins are nearly empty of 2018 corn, with the few remaining loads to be delivered soon.  The farmstead got a good mowing this week, making things look  pretty good around here.  The combines will be coming out next week to prepare them and their headers.

Yes, we would have preferred to finish planting in early May rather than early June, but we are grateful to have the fields actually planted, for there are many farmers across the country, especially in Indiana and Ohio, that will have fields of corn and soybeans that they cannot plant.

Yesterday afternoon, this rain went around the field where I was planting soybeans, and it allowed me to finish!

John is cleaning the sprayer and its boom, but it will be pressed back into service next week to do some post herbicide work in the growing corn.

This dark rain cloud from Wednesday evening did bring a rain, but it was only .2″ –I was able to return to planting soybeans the next afternoon.

I have to admit, I slept in a little bit later this morning.   Felt good.

Have a good weekend.

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