Wow, the rain just keeps coming.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The rain we got on Sunday was amazing.  The Monday morning Climate report showed 3+ inches in most of our field locations.  That was the ‘big one’ that really hurt.  And it was a heavy rain event across most of central Indiana also… which results in a bigger flood event along the W. Fork of White River.  Forecast is for a crest of 21+ feet in a few days, and that will be significant.  We can take a 19-foot river will little damage, but this flood will wipe out the river bottom fields.  And those were planted to corn.  So, we expect that to be lost. It rained Monday, and it is in the forecast for today and tomorrow.

This is our Grubb field along US 50 near W Fork White River. According to the river forecast, it will raise another foot by tomorrow.   Adios, little corn.

We will also experience some lost corn and soybeans to creek-bottom flooding. It is not possible to quantify the number of acres yet, but we have begun to study the alternatives of late-planted soybeans, compared to the loss payments of crop insurance.  This wet year sure makes these old hillside fields look relatively good!

The wheat crop will need to be cut as soon as the weather permits.  Ross went to check it today, and it started sprinkling rain…

We will soon be MT of 2018 corn, and the recent upturn in corn price makes these remaining sales feel better.  At least that is a bright spot!

As we meet in the farm office this morning, the mood is not dire or desolate, but still it is rather somber.  How do we respond?  We must take the “long view” of our work, and know that every year will not be like 2019.  We will make the required adjustments, and make the best of the days we are given.

There are farmers in Ohio and other parts of Indiana who did not get an opportunity to plant any of their corn or soybeans.  I can only imagine what that feels like.    So, please be in prayer for farmers across the eastern corn belt.

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