Still looking for a dry field

Monday, June 3, 2019

No weekend planting work in the fields, and Saturday and Sunday were exceptionally beautiful days.  John did catch up with his sprayer, doing the first post-emerge herbicide application for earliest soybean fields.   So, there was that progress.  I was out both days, driving to the unplanted soybean fields, and finding none that were dry enough to take the planter.  I’ll make that trip again this morning, to search for a place suitably dry to plant soybeans.  When we speak about a ‘dry field’, we mean that the surface half-inch or so of the soil is dry, but there is moisture sufficient for sprouting the seeds just below that.

During the search yesterday, I discovered a couple soybean fields that will need replanted.  One farm has had too much water stand on it, from 4 different rain storms, and will require the flat part of that field to be done again.  The water killed off the sprouting soybeans.  The ‘pond’ farm had a 2″ rain right after planting.  I really didn’t have the best feeling about it as I was planting– some of  the field was wetter than I prefer, but the immediate rain post-planting has taken away any doubt.  It is a failure, the soil seems hard as concrete, and the little beans cannot push their way out of the soil.  I will replant there, for sure.

Ross is out with the corn planter today, in the final fields for corn planting.  He is going to ‘get what he can get’, today and tomorrow, and will be wrapping up #plant19 for corn.  There will be spots he’ll have to drive around, and some he will undoubtedly ‘mud through’, but we are definitely at the end of corn planting.  The weather forecast is great for today and tomorrow, but after that, the rest of the week looks rainy again.

#plant19 has had many challenges.  There are some of our fields that really look nice, with the corn and soybeans up and growing, looking healthy.  I am especially grateful that the soybean fields here at the home farm look pretty good.   I see these every day, and it is a good feeling to see something doing well!  But other fields– with drowned spots in them, with hard crusted soil, and those yet unplanted–are not what you would like to be seeing on June 3.   So, we will be grateful for those fields that are doing well, and we will make the best we can of the rest.    We cannot know for sure what the remainder of the growing season will bring.  The One who does know is not telling us…He merely wants us to trust Him.  He has proven He can be trusted before, and we will trust Him again through this one, too. He has demonstrated time and again how He can bring blessing out of adversity.

Wheat will be ready in a couple weeks.  It would be great to have #plant19 done before wheat harvest.   We will see.

Have a great week.


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