Wet Wednesday

May 29, 2019

Yes, it is wet.   Thunder woke us up at 6 am today.  Here at the office at 11 am, we’ve received 1.1″ (28mm) so far.  And the sky has turned quite dark.  There are reports of 2+inches in other areas across southern Knox County.  There will be no more corn or soybeans planted by us this month.  June will arrive before the planters can get back into the fields.   There is a mental switch that flips when the calendar page turns to June.  It makes us more reluctant to plant more corn.    In June, we are supposed to be tending our growing crops, not still thinking about planting them!

The sky is quite dark as a drenching downpour pounds the farm yard

We did make some progress yesterday. It was about 90ºF, and quite windy.  Ross went to our White River bottom fields along US 50, and planted corn there, going around the spots of standing water.  By doing this, he added about 200 acres to the ‘planted’ list for corn.  I was able to plant some soybeans along Robinson Road, but the soil conditions were not as good as I had hoped.  There were times when I had to stop to clear the mud from the gauge wheels on the drill.  But most of the 2 fields were okay, and it added 129 acres to the soybean ‘planted’ list.  Ross is now at 90% of the corn planted (of the acres that we planned to plant), while the soybeans are now at 60% complete.

We hope there will still be an opportunity to plant the remaining 10% of the corn.   If we need to, we can shift those acres to soybeans.  It would be great to get planting behind us before the wheat is ready to cut!

So, today we listen to the rumbles of thunder.  And we marvel at the continued rain.

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