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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A light rain overnight has us on ‘pause’ this morning.  We have our sights set on two more fields to apply NH3 and the corn burndown spray.  We should be able to get back out there this afternoon.  We found a good place yesterday to work at the Burke farm… there was even some dust!  John was putting on ‘gas’ and I was spraying behind that task.  Ross was applying NH3 too.  So, even though the conditions have not been ideal, it as been do-able.

If we get our goal accomplished today, we will be ‘caught up’ to the fields that are still so very soggy…in the White River bottoms.  We are making baby steps.  Tuesday was the first day in 2019 where we were able to work in the field for a whole day!

John works at the Burke farm.

There was actually some dust kicked up yesterday. There are still wet spots, too.

Now, the plan is to convert to planting tomorrow.  It will feel good to be able to get that rolling.  Sunshine will make that possible.  Haven’t seen that yet today, but the Weather Channel tells us it’s coming!

#plant19 may actually happen…

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