‘nother rain

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ross searched again this morning for a ‘dry’ field to apply NH3, and decided to go to the Dunn farm.  So, he and John got going up there, and about 1230 pm, a wave of rain stopped them.  We had had a run of a couple days, and it felt good to be making progress.  No, not every field was in perfect condition, but it was good enough to go.  Almost every field had a few wet ‘spots’.  But overall, it felt pretty good.  If only we’d missed this one today, we could be really going well by Saturday.   If we could get about 3 good days of NH3 and spraying behind us, then we could begin to plant both corn and soybeans.   Eager to get those seeds planted and growing.

However, this little rain today will delay us again a little bit.  It has not rained very much yet, but the radar is not looking very favorable.

It does seem weird for this be be the 9th of May, and we have zero corn or soybeans planted.  Added on top of that, the grain markets have fallen dramatically.   It is quite a lot to try to wrap your brain around.  We continue to believe that there will be a time coming that will allow us to do our spring work.

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly sunny days.
We got caught up with soybean burndown applications to the
flooded fields down by
the river. We then switched over to apply burndown for corn. In this picture, you can see that the NH3 has already been applied to this field. After this, it’s ready for the planter…when the soil conditions are right.

Here, John is working in the next field ahead of the sprayer. It was working pretty well Wednesday evening.

In these short windows of opportunity, we are making some progress.   Little  by little, we’ll get there!


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