Six tenths on Sunday

Monday, May 20, 2019

Well, it felt good on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to get the planters rolling.  Ross was out with the new CIH 2150 24-row corn planter.  It has a new feature from Precision Planting called “Delta Force”:  special sensors and activators on each row unit to automatically adjust the down pressure to prevailing conditions.  It is especially helpful in fields where we have run the field cultivator to smooth up erosion ruts.  These new devices make the transition from no-till to the cultivated strips almost instantaneously.  The result is more uniform placement of the valuable corn seed into the soil.  We are pleased with how it’s working.

Here, Ross is working at the Dunn farm, our first-planted corn field for 2019

Also on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I was out planting soybeans with the JD 1910/1890 no-till air drill.  Although not as precise as a corn planter in placing the seed into the soil, it was working well in pretty good soil conditions (dry soil surface, moisture at 1″ down).  It is now in its 3rd year of service here, and it beginning to show some signs of wear.  In fact, on Saturday evening at 8pm, I discovered that one of the opener disks had come loose, and detached from the row unit, taking the gauge wheel with it.  I had most of the parts needed to do this repair, but not all.  So a quick call to JD, and they went in to get the required parts for us.  I was back in that field at 930pm.  It was an important night repair, because rain was predicted for the next day.  I got done with the field a little after 11pm, and was back home before midnight!  I don’t do late nights very well, but with the increased perceived urgency in planting at this late date, it is what the job required.

John helped me get the air drill started on Thursday. This drill plants 60 rows, 10 inches apart… for a total of a 50-foot swath.

Yes, it did rain on Sunday, bringing .6 to .8 inches (15 to 20mm), depending on the location.  It has stopped our planting progress for today, but bright sunshine will get us back out there soon.  It feels good to have some acres of corn and soybeans planted.  We just need to keep the momentum going.

Have a wonderful week.


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