Special Visitors

May 6, 2019

Wow!  What a lovely day Monday has bought us!  There is a gentle breeze and it is 71ºF  (22C).   I took the Gator over to the Shake farm to see if it  would be possible on this bright, sunny day to apply some soybean burndown there.  The correct answer is, “No.  Not yet.”   Maybe tomorrow–evening.  The fields are still pretty saturated, and there are spots with water standing.  No, we cannot wait for perfect conditions, but it is just not possible to get across any of our fields today.


Such a warm and beautiful day in SWIN

Brandon is cleaning up the ‘Vanna’ truck today.  He also scooped out the sump in the shop, to improve how the water leaves the shop.  Stuff like that keeps us occupied while we wait to return to the fields.

Making Vanna shine again

We have had a couple special visitors to the farm recently.   Saturday, while it was pouring down rain, David and Laura Cutter from western NY state came by for a visit.  We spent some hours with them before they departed on Saturday afternoon.  It was just a pleasant time to discuss similarities among our families, and how our businesses face whatever challenges come our way.  Dave has experience as a farmer, and now operates a landscape/lawn maintenance business.   We compared notes on how the wet weather we are experiencing has been affecting them, too.   We had a good time together, despite the rainy day.  Dave called today.  They arrived back home Sunday night.  He reported that he observed zero progress in planting… from here, all the way home!   It’s just wet all over the eastern corn belt.

Today, Sid and Betty Borden from north Alabama stopped by for a brief visit.    Sid and Betty are enjoying some days of travel through the Midwest.  They became aware of us through this website, and we are happy he contacted us.  It was a very pleasant thing to visit with Sid and Betty, and share our stories with each other.

Laura and Dave from western New York state. They certainly have an appreciation for farming.

Betty and Sid were delightful visitors today


What a blessing that this technology has introduced us to these two wonderful families!










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2 Responses to Special Visitors

  1. Chad Evans says:

    I really enjoy reading these posts! Thank you! I grew up near Odon and like to hear how things are going down there. My brother-in-law farms near Odon with 250 acres out on sand but the remaining 5700 acres is unplanted. Here’s to a great, blessed season for you!

    • casifarm says:

      Thank you, Chad. It has been an especially long time waiting to begin spring work. We were able to get in a couple fields yesterday with some NH3, and do some more spraying of soybean burndown. Looks like we will have another day to put to good use today. Ross is out scouting for a spot to apply NH3, and I’m going to put down some corn burndown. It’s a busy time here, and the pressure seems to be cranked up just a bit from the delay. But, as we all know, God will make a way!

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