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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

John is in the shop with the water trailer today.  This is the trailer we pull with red stripe Mack truck to supply water and chemicals to the JD 4730 sprayer.  He is working on replacing and upgrading the valves and lines from the tanks to the outlet.  The plumbing he is replacing was original to when we set up this trailer, 15+ years ago.

Back then, we bought an old 40 foot grain trailer, and installed 4-1500 gallon water tanks.  The length of the trailer allows for some area in the back for an induction mix tank, and totes of chemicals.  It has worked pretty well for us over the years.  These days, when we see a neighbor set up a similar system, they usually use an enclosed box trailer, and it keeps all the tanks inside with more security…since the back doors can be locked.

A ‘before’ shot.  The four individual tanks will have a valve, and will feed into the pump and the fill port.

Last summer, one of the water lines in this water supply trailer developed a tiny leak, so with this work, John will make it like new again.

Mid-way through the project. The four lines will be connected, one for each tank.

Almost done. A walkway will be installed to cover and protect the pipes on the floor.

Voila! It’s done!

Also today.  A new sofa for the office.  The old one was getting really shabby.

A pretty nice replacement.

It is a beautiful day in Southwest Indiana.  53ºF (12C) and sunny… and no wind!  Pleasant to be out and about.  We’re told the weekend will be very cold, in the teens at night, so we will enjoy this while it lasts.

Perhaps we can get the nitrogen top-dress on the wheat during the next cold spell.  To get that applied during February is highly desired.  We will likely miss the February application, but it should happen in the first few days of March.

Brandon has completed delivering the corn for February contracts.  He will take the monthly inventory, and inspect the corn in the bins.

It is HSBB tournament time in Indiana.  The sectional games begin tonight at 64 locations all over the state.  Our team, the South Knox Spartans, got a ‘bye’ and will play Friday evening.   In a way it is hard to believe the season is over, and it’s tourney time.  But, as we get older, the calendar pages flip pretty fast.


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