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Friday, March 1, 2019

It is a new month, and this makes us turn our attention toward planting time.  Seems like February went by pretty quick.  But what is different about that from any other fast month?  One Nebraska farmer I read on Twitter said he was glad that the 745 days of February were over, or at least that’s what it felt like to him!  They have really had a very cold and snowy month out there.

Today, John has done some repair to the red stripe Mack truck, replacing a hose between the radiator and the overflow tank.  I’ve been in the office composing nitrogen prescriptions for the 2019 corn fields.  These map documents will control the Capstan N-Ject system on the JD 2510H ammonia application toolbar.  Application rates typically run from 160 to 225 pounds per acre.

In the past, I’ve used JD Apex software to build these maps, but now we’ve moved on to Operations Center (OC).  I begin there, calling up each field location.  Then, OC connects to Agrian software, in which you actually create the prescription.  That gets saved to OC.  From there, each prescription is sent wirelessly to the JD 9520R tractor that will be operating the application.

You start by opening and then clicking on “Operations Center”

Next on the open Operations Center, you click on the map on the field with which you desire to work.  Then, you click to open Agrian

The introductory screen for Agrian

You observe that Agrian has identified the correct field, and then you tell it what you will use for the basis of your prescription. We use soil types.

Here is the soil map for this field, Burke Main.  Click ‘next’.

Here is where you assign a value of pounds per acre of nitrogen for each soil type.  When done, you click ‘save’ in LR corner

This is the final prescription map, to be wirelessly sent to the appropriate tractor.

Yeah, there are several steps, but it really helps place this valuable resource precisely where it will deliver the maximum benefit, and control the costs, too.

Soon, we will be creating the planting prescriptions for the soybean fields.  We hope to experiment in two corn fields with a new kind of prescription developed by  We are always looking for ways to improve profitability, by increasing yields and/or reducing costs.  We think prescriptions accomplish both these goals, by using these costly inputs in more precise ways.

All in all, this is a pretty valuable day’s work.  Plus, this gets done in the office, which is a pretty nice place on this chilly day!





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