Training Day

Thursday, February 21,, 2019

Our local Nutrien location is sponsoring a continuing education meeting today.  We will meet to learn more about the FieldView system. We have been using FieldView for 4 years, and it continues to develop and improve.  It makes for a very good platform to blend together the digital information generated by our green and red equipment.

The main device is called a FieldView “Drive”. It is more commonly called the “FieldView hockey puck”, because that’s what it looks like.  It attaches to the CAN diagnostic port inside your tractor or combine cab, and it ‘listens in’ to the information being generated by the proprietary John Deere Greenstar or CIH AFS system.  The Drive instantaneously transmits by Bluetooth this information to an in-cab iPad.  In the iPad, the FieldView software assembles it into a format that is quite useful.  In fact, when we are harvesting, each of us can view the yield data being collected by both combines… with just a little delay… almost in real-time.   We use the hockey puck in the tractors at planting time too, to collect population and variety information.  In corn, it records that information for each row!  Subsequently, at harvest-time, FieldView recognizes the variety and connects the yield information to the variety.  With such information, it is as if our entire farm becomes a test plot!

Climate’s Chad Dow brought valuable information to us in the audience today.

This training is sometimes called a ‘refresher’, but it gives us new information too, as the FieldView system evolves and improves.  We brought home some new abilities to edit maps and to set up advanced corn planting prescriptions.  All in all, a good meeting.




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