Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We hit a milestone today — the last load of 2018 soybeans went out the driveway today.  So, we are now officially MT (empty) of soybeans.  The final tally confirmed our 60+ yield, and so it was the 2nd-best bean crop ever.  Soybean quality was diminished last year, with lower test weights, but overall we are grateful for the result.

Out goes Brandon in the ‘Vanna’ truck.

Also, John has the JD 7130 tractor in the shop for a few days.  There is a leak somewhere around the radiator (he does not think it is in the actual radiator, but the reserve tank) and he has some parts coming that he thinks will dry it up.  He has flushed out the hydraulic system, and refilled the reservoir.  The engine oil will be changed.    We are waiting on our co-op (Ceres Solutions) to deliver oil.

The 7130 takes its turn in the shop for maintenance. It will be quite busy all summer with the bush hog! Also Ross attaches his “Reveal” tool to this tractor to work up the dirt inside his horse arena.

New oil is going in the hydraulic/transmission of the 7130

Soon, our neighbor (who is also our seed dealer) will advise us of the soybean seed sizes.  When we know those numbers, we can begin with the writing of planting prescriptions.  We will again use the Agrian system connected to John Deere Operations Center to build prescriptions.

In a couple weeks, we will bring home the 2510H ammonia toolbar and the 1890 soybean air drill.  Those will get a close inspection, lubrication, and replacement of any worn-out parts.  When those come home from their storage place at the Huey farm, it will really feel like springtime — planting time is upon us.  #plant19 is already occurring in Texas, but will move here in a few weeks!



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