Gray, soggy day

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Well, it really is a gloomy day out there… gray skies, drippy drizzle coming down.  The weather folks are predicting some snow and very cold temps for the weekend.  We still have the snow blower hitched up to the JD 7130 tractor, in case we receive deep snow.   Last weekend, Winter Storm Gia promised us over 8 inches of snow, but we got about 3.  The snow blower just stayed in the shop.  Weather Channel is calling this event “Winter Storm Harper”, with 8+ inches of snow for central Indiana, but only about 1 inch for us here in SWIN.  We will wait and see what really comes…

This morning is wet and gloomy, but not terribly cold. 40F (4C).

Last Saturday brought us a pretty white blanket, but it only stuck around for about a day.

Grain continues to go out this week.  Brandon has been delivering corn and soybeans to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.   Yes, the Pete with its new trailer is not spotless anymore, but I’m sure he will wash it again as soon as practical.  Soon, the sweep will have to go into the soybean bins.

The new trailer is wearing a little road grime

It has a couple view windows in the sidewalls

The trailer loads in about 4 minutes from our load-out bin #3

Whether you  have snow or rain or sun today, make it a good one!  Psa 118:24 KJV.


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