Some snow

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Well, the weekend did bring us some snow.  It came from what the Weather Channel called “Winter Storm Harper”.  As the cold front moved south during Saturday, the all-day rain turned to snow about 5 pm.  John had been away that day, traveling to Purdue to meet up with his brother Ben and watch the big rivalry game with Indiana.  Of course, it was already snowy in West Lafayette, but the outcome of the game certainly made it worth the trip!  He drove home through a snowstorm, and the closer he got to home, the worse the roads were.  It was extremely windy, up to 35 mph gusts, that made it hard for him to see, and made the snow pile up in large drifts.  Highway crews gave up on clearing roads after dark.   He did make it home, thanks to having 4wd on his pickup.

I spoke with him as he drove home, and it got me to thinking about Sunday morning, and the folks getting out to come to church.  I conferred with another elder, and we thought it would be wise to cancel Sunday’s services…a very rare occurrence at Wheatland Christian Church!   We set about to get the proper notices out to the congregation by the email and text chain and the local media.

As the  light of day arrived Sunday, it was apparent that the cancellation was a good decision.  No, we didn’t receive but about 3-4 inches of snow, but the blustery winds made deep snowdrifts!  Local farmers and the highway crews didn’t start until Sunday morning to clear the roads, and the icy conditions underneath made it difficult to get them clean.   The roads were still in bad enough shape that local schools were closed on Monday.  They are in session today, but with a 2-hour delay.  For such a little snow, it sure had some big effects!  I guess it was the ice underneath that complicated things.

Here is the snow situation at the farm today. It goes “crunch” under your feet, as there is an icy layer under the white blanket.

We are pleased that the grain deliveries are caught up until February.  The trucks can remain in the shed, and not be out on the messy roads… at least not yet!

Speaking of the Saturday game, we had some frustration.  About 4 minutes into the game, the DirecTV picture went haywire.  We were watching on the Fox “local” channel feed out of Terre Haute.  It must have been the weather that glitched up the up-link out of the local station.  We tried to use our old antenna to see the game… but the signal was too weak to pick it up.  So, we listened to “the Cliz” (Larry Clisby, the voice of Purdue Basketball) on the local radio.  I hope it’ll get re-broadcast on BTN, and I can get it on our DVR.   That was one to remember.

This was our picture during the IU @ Purdue game on Saturday. The sound was choppy, too, making it impossible to watch the game.

High school basketball is in full swing in Indiana.  Girls will be wrapping up their season this week, with the tournament starting next week.  Boys play through February, with their tournament in March.  Last Friday night our South Knox Spartans played county rival Vincennes Lincoln.  The team name for Lincoln is quite unique:  “Alices” — it refers to an old novel called  Alice of Old Vincennes.  Wins against Lincoln are rare… our last home win vs them was in 1988!  But the Spartans prevailed on Friday… it started out looking like this would be an easy win, but it was a nail-biter at the end.  This makes two wins in a row against Lincoln.

Although not a sell-out, it was a good crowd at SK for the Lincoln game. It’s what we do in Indiana on a winter night!

The result was to our liking!

Another special thing happened on Saturday.  Fox Sports Network, in cooperation with the Indiana Pacers, presented what they called “Basketball Day in Indiana”.  On 2 or 3 of their channels, Fox Sports broadcast many high school games from across the state.  It was neat to see some teams from here in the county appear on national TV.  And it was especially great that teams from here in SWIN were featured, along with the big schools from around Indianapolis.  One of the girls’ games was the Vincennes Lincoln vs. North Knox contest, and two boys’ games from SWIN were shown.  Southridge vs. North Posey, and the locally famous “Buggy Bowl”– North Daviess vs. Barr-Reeve.   There is a significant Amish population in those two communities, hence the “Buggy Bowl” name.    The evening culminated with the Pacers’ game.   I hope Basketball Day in Indiana becomes an annual event.

There were HS games all day on the FS networks. It was really neat!

Rain is predicted for tonight, and tomorrow, with more snow coming tomorrow night.   It’s winter in Indiana.   As long as the power stays on, we’ll be just fine.

Have a great day!





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