Snow is coming?

Friday, January 11, 2019

The weather report is telling us to get ready for some snow.  There are some reports that we will receive tonight and tomorrow over 8 inches.  That’s amazing.  Often, the weather folks overstate what’s coming.  Whether they’re right or wrong, under or overstating the snow, we feel we’re ready to deal with the white stuff.  The Weather Channel is calling this coming snow storm “Winter Storm Gia“.  When did they begin giving snow events a name like a hurricane?  As long as the power remains on, we’ll be okay.

This map from yesterday shows the number 8.8 directly on top of us, here in the middle of Knox County, Indiana.

This is our machine to move snow out of our way. It’s quite old, but John restored it with new paint a few years ago. He even fashioned a hydraulic motor to move the spout from side to side from inside the tractor cab. The only drawback is having to drive backwards all the time!

Corn is going out today to ADM in Newburgh, IN.  We are filling our January contracts with them. This week has been a busy one for Brandon, taking both soybeans and corn to the river.

Loading the Pete with corn.

This truck is fully loaded and ready for the hour’s drive south to Newburgh, Indiana–to ADM’s terminal on the Ohio River.

Hope you’re all okay and ready to have a great weekend.  If it snows as much as they’re saying, it’ll be a quiet weekend for us, tucked in and watching college basketball.  We’ll work at it to get out for church on Sunday, but home will look pretty good on a snowy day.  There is one measure that will let us know how serious this snow event really is.   If they begin to cancel tomorrow’s high school basketball games, then we will know we have a major snow!

Be careful out there.



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