Chilly job

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Today, John has taken it on to get the JD combine cleaned up.  He first used compressed air to blow the crusty, packed-on clumps of debris away… then took out the hose and brush and bucket of soapy water.   Brandon assisted, in between taking loads of soybeans out to Robinson’s.  Makes me shiver just to watch.  John says he prefers to wash outside, keeping all that muddy debris out of the shop.

First, compressed air is used to blast away stuck-on dirt.

Then, the outside panels are scrubbed with a soapy brush, and rinsed down. Note the concrete under the combine is covered in sloppy, muddy debris. That stuff is easier to scrape away outside, rather than inside the shop.

We brought the combine into the shop for a little while to remove the filler grates from the front concave. We also removed the 2-way radio and wrenches, because this machine is getting traded soon.

After the clean-up, the S680 was moved back into the big shed. With this wash job completed, it truly feels like #harvest18 is over! John said it feels really good to have everything all clean again.

The clouds have obscured the sun again today, and it only got up to about 34ºF (1C).  The lane is firming up after the rain, but the Vision truck and trailer are quite dirty from this week’s grain deliveries.  They don’t get dirty (well, a little dusty perhaps) sitting in the shed, but they can’t sit there all the time.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!



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