Gray November day

Monday, November 19, 2018

It’s gray and chilly out there, 41ºF (5C).  There is a bit of fog in the air, and there is drizzly rain, too.  You wouldn’t call it a rainy day, but it’s like some of those Oregon days we remember when visiting Philip in Portland.  You don’t need an umbrella, but a hood on your coat will keep you dry.  It is messy to drive around, and hard to keep my Saturday pickup wash job clean.

A gray November day, as we move corn from storage to the overhead load-out bin

We are sending corn to market today at GPC at Washington.  We have some LH November contracts to fill.  December will be a busy trucking month also, with both corn to GPC and soybeans to ADM in Newburgh getting delivered.  The current grain market gives us no incentive to make many additional sales… we will merely fill our forward-sale contracts, and cover our cash flow needs until some market recovery occurs. 

Brandon is using the Vision today… I think to protect the Pete from getting dirty on the messy roads.

From the loading platform, here is the corn dropping into the Vision’s trailer. Brandon tells me the test weight is running 62+ today! Doesn’t it look nice in the truck?

It is also a busy time in the office, with the development of the ’19 crop budget, multi-year cash flows, and end-of-year tax strategies.  Plans for the 2019 crop year are firming up.  Seeds have already being purchased.  Almost all the lime and fertilizers are applied.   We will be arranging by month’s end for the 2019 nitrogen and herbicide/fungicide programs.  The 2019 wheat is all up and growing, turning those fields a beautiful, deep green.  Wheat in the late fall is always a contrast to the surrounding fields that are turning their post-harvest gray.

The desk can be cluttered with papers and files. The computer helps with all the analyses. If I’m working on information that sharpens our management, it’s fun. If I’m filling out forms for bureaucrats, it’s work.

It would look even better if the sun were shining brightly, but this wheat field looks okay even on this gray day.

There are many reasons to be thankful during this Thanksgiving season.  The fact that the harvest is complete is a good one.   Only one machine remains to be washed.  (the JD combine).  We made it through the harvest without significant injury.  The yields were pretty good, with the best-ever DCB crop.  Corn and soybean average yields were near the top.  There are many more… we should all remember the line from the old hymn, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one…”



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