Warm weekend, chilly Monday

November 26, 2018

What a difference a day makes… weather wise anyway.  Saturday, we were at 55F (13C), and yesterday, we hit 61ºF (16C)!  Yesterday had bright sunshine, but today is overcast, gray, drizzly, and gloomy.  The temp is 32F (0C) with 15mph winds, making it ‘feel like’ 21F (-6C)!

Brandon is delivering corn to GPC; he has a busy day with 5 trips to make.  Good thing it’s only about 11 miles away.  Ever since GPC arrived in SWIN, it has brought us a better corn market, often paying equal to the Ohio River corn markets, which are a bit over an hour’s drive from here.  The inbound grain system at GPC is rather unique.  You make appointments at a special website, (typically they are set for every 4 minutes), and thus long waits in line are eliminated.  John says that he once waited 8 hours at GPC to unload his truck, before this new methodology was adopted.  I’m surprised that similar plants haven’t adopted this model.  It sure makes for a more productive day…at least for those of us delivering to GPC.

Just takes about 4 minutes to load the trailer, but the guy outside on the platform has a chilly task today.

We got another USDA survey in Saturday’s mail, so I spent some time today filling that out.  It was similar to the many other USDA inquiries we receive during the year, so, we are getting familiar with the routine.  We can fill it out online nowadays, and that seems to go faster than the old paper document we had to compile and mail in.   Still, I have to gather information from the file cabinet and the computer to give them the information about acres and yields that they request.  I certainly don’t have it all memorized!

They still send a complete booklet of paper survey, but these days, I fill it out online.

We had a small family gathering for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  John and his family came for dinner (that’s at noon in rural Indiana).  The time was special, even if the group was small.   We all shared ‘what we are thankful for’… the girls’ answers were precious.   A nap was in the offing for part of the afternoon, and then some football on TV.   Pat’s mom came for a couple hours in the afternoon, but she was not feeling the best, and didn’t stay long.  John and Ashley had another family gathering that evening, so Pat and I were home alone the rest of the day.  The quiet was okay, too. Let’s you think…

Those of you dealing with heavy snow from the weekend, be careful and cautious.  Have a pleasant week!



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