Return to corn

Tuesday morning, October 16, 2018

Gonna go back to the corn field today.  It’s not gonna be ideal; the field will be soft, and we will have to park the trucks on a road.  Wow.  We are in the last field of 2018 corn harvest, and we could get all done (with corn) tomorrow.  Will be ‘slow going’ today, but hopefully, it will dry enough to park the trucks closer to the combines by evening.

We have a couple days’ worth of wheat planting yet to do, and hope that can happen yet this week.

After corn, we may have a few days (if the weather cooperates) to use the bush hog around the edges of fields, and run a field cultivator over the Burke Main field.  Soon, the fall fertilization passes for 2019 crops will commence.  We’ve already had some of the lime applied.   We pretty much finalized our ‘crop plan 19’, so now we just have to get the fertility applied.  We will be increasing corn acres and decreasing soybean acres in response to the current and anticipated market conditions.

We have the DCB to cut, and a few acres of replant soybeans scattered across 7 fields; those are just not quite ready for the combines.

The sun is trying to peek through some thin clouds now, and we hope that full sun comes soon!  The weather report for the next two weeks shows a little chance of rain on Friday, but dry other than that.  Good.

Have a nice week.



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