Rainy day

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Random thoughts.

We got some rain today, starting about 6 am, and lasting most of the day.  We received about .7″ (18mm).  We finished the work day yesterday down at the Freddie farm, our most distant location, about 12 miles from home base.  We went down there this morning and placed the headers on the transport wagons, and brought the combines home.   We also used this day to haul more corn out… making some room in our storage.  We had several bushels of corn and soybeans sold for fall delivery, and this rainy spell is allowing us the opportunity to catch up those deliveries.

On our auger wagon, we had a little bogey wheel (mid-roller) on which a bearing went out yesterday, and we used the rain delay to repair that.  We found a source to get that bearing and  hub overnighted to us, and after the rain let up, we went to the Huey farm and did that repair.

We toured 5 farm locations yesterday that had some ‘replanted’ soybeans… little patches we had to drive around when we were initially harvesting those fields.  That’s a lot of “moving” with the combines.  Well, we got those cut yesterday, and now  those fields are ready for the wheat to be planted.  We still have 7 other fields to return to cut replant soybeans.  In two locations, we have soybeans growing under dusk-to-dawn lights…. those semi-circles of beans will never mature until there is a frost.  The artificial light prevents the beans from sensing the shortening day-length and therefore they just keep growing until frost!   So, if a frost comes soon, that’ll help!

As of today, we’re about 3/4 of the way through the fall harvest.   We are getting a little bit weary, and so an early-to-home evening will feel pretty good.

Also, the weatherman is predicting much cooler temperatures, even some nights in the 30s!  Highs in the 60s will be a lot different… I’ll probably have to stop wearing shorts (and flip flops) to work.

The double-crop soybeans (DCB) are maturing rapidly, they are mostly brown with little patches of yellow leaves still clinging.  Hopefully, we will be able to cut those by the end of the month.

We have been grateful for the help of our friend Bill Berry.  He has worked extra numbers of hours to keep the grain deliveries as current as possible.  Early-morning runs to Newburgh are his specialty.  We really appreciate his dedication and endurance.  He especially likes our Vision truck, and he has been in in uite a lot this fall!   Thank you, Bill, for what you’re doing to make things work smoother here.

Larry Corn is also here to plant our wheat crop.  He has been doing that for many years.  He is also helping with the trucking, and he will be planting our cover crop strips.

We think of the folks, and especially the farmers, who will be impacted by Hurricane Michael.



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