Corn is done; ’19 begins

Thursday, October 18, 2018

On Tuesday evening, we finished up harvesting the 2018 corn crop.  It was not a record yield crop, but pretty darn good.  We are grateful.

These were the final rows of corn to harvest for 2018… at the Huey farm.

We have our double-crop soybeans (DCB) to be harvested, as well as some small patches of replanted soybeans.  We hope those will be ready to cut by late next week.

I spent yesterday on the bush hog, cleaning up the perimeter of the Freddie farm and the Huey farm.  I even cut a few sprouts in a ditch at Huey.  Sure looks better now, and it’s ready for winter.

We are still running truckloads of corn to GPC to fill our fall contracts.  We had ‘just enough’ moved out to have room in our storage to bring in that last day’s harvest.  John was scrambling and climbing bins often to make sure we had room.   We even left 3 trucks filled overnight to go directly to GPC on Wednesday!

Brandon has washed the Peterbilt truck and trailer late this morning.  We all feel better with clean vehicles and machines.  It’ll be a little tougher clean-up this year post-harvest compared to 2017.  Stuff got a little dirtier this fall…we had some days with muddy fields and water puddles on local roads.  But eventually, it’ll all look like new!

Brandon is making the Pete look better.

We have three small conservation projects for this fall.   Olan Worland, our contractor, has completed two of them.  One was a ditch cleaning and straightening at the Harry farm, and two was a levee relocation at Nellie.  The third project, we hope, will be completed soon.  That is a ditch reconstruction at the Huey farm.

Here is the ditch restoration at the Harry farm. The fescue has already been spread on the raw banks, and it is beginning to sprout.

We are meeting today with Greg Anthis of the local Nutrien plant to go over a plan for the fertility for the 2019 crops.  We have already approved the lime applications, and today we will finalize the nutrition for next year’s corn and soybeans.   Those applications will occur ASAP.

Next week, we will meet with our Bayer (Monsanto) seed specialists to choose hybrids and varieties for 2019.

Even before we are completely finished with 2018, 2019 is beginning…

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