Fall arrives, with rain.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Well, as autumn arrived in SWIN today, it came with a light rain.  And as the day wears on, the light rain gets heavier and heavier.   This will cause us to hit the ‘pause button’ today.  There were a number of things that occupied our morning and early afternoon.

We used this rainy day to catch up some needed tasks.  John had to weld a broken pipe from a section of the grate on the top of the unload pit.  These were made in 1973 when we installed the first unload pit here.  The grate holds up the truck traffic, while allowing the grain to fall through to the pit.

You can see the rain on the pad in front of the fuel building

Took the Pete to town early this morning, to get new tires mounted on its trailer. They had rolled as far as they could go.

Bill, Brandon, and John examine a bearing on the 8230

John used part of this rainy morning to bring a section of pit grate into the shop to weld a broken pipe.

We brought the combines home to get out of the rain.

We had been working down at the Burke farm, and had planned to continue there this morning… after all, there was only a 20% chance of rain today.   Now, the Weather Channel app is showing us a 100% chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday.   We won’t complain; we are all feeling some weariness from the past week’s long harvest time hours.

Today is John’s 32nd birthday.  Maybe, with the rainy day, he will get to spend some quality time with his family this evening.

Congratulations to our Purdue Boilermakers on winning their first football game this year, with a convincing win over ranked Boston College.  It feels good to finally get a win!

We are about 20% into #harvest18.  As dad used to say, “We’ve got a lot of rows to run down yet.”

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