Rain keeps comin’

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Yesterday would have been the start to planting of 2019 wheat crop.  It was a rainy day, with a heavier amount, that will be delaying that start.  Depending on the farm location, we received just yesterday, .8 to 1.4″ (20 to 35 mm).   That will take a while to ‘settle up’ and allow a return to #harvest18 and to begin the planting of wheat.    Maybe Friday the soil will be firm enough to get back at it…

Some good news.  The parts have arrived for our Demco grain cart tracks.  The folks from JL Farm Equipment will be coming tomorrow morning to finish off that repair.  It has been down for several days, while we waited for the proper parts.   We rented another cart to use until we get ours repaired.

Bill and Brandon continue their dedicated runs to deliver corn and soybeans to market.  Corn is going by appointment to GPC at Washington, and soybeans to the Ohio River market of ADM at Newburgh, IN.  The trucks have been busy, even during this rainy spell when we cannot work in the harvest field.

The forecast is for cooler, but dry days, beginning today.  That’ll be good.

Have a great Wednesday!



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