Rainy Monday

August 20, 2018

The rain is off-and-on this morning, but some work is still occurring.  Brandon has the MX290 Magnum tractor in the shop.  He is servicing it, getting it ready to plant cover crops behind the combines.  We will again use oats, and that will provide some needed vegetative growth in strips across our hilly fields.  The winter will eventually stop that growth, and the strips won’t get ‘too big’ as it would if we planted winter wheat.  Worked for us pretty well last winter, and so we are repeating that again this fall.

The pre-harvest service work includes a good wash job…

We have made some preliminary plans for where the 2019 wheat should be planted.  We have that almost ‘nailed down’.   We should be finding the seed for that crop pretty soon.  We have a sample of our 2018 crop out at a lab, checking the germination quality to see if we will just keep some back for seed.  If that does not meet our needs, we will purchase fresh seed wheat.  That ‘germ report’ should be back soon.

The combines will probably come to the shop this week to get their inspections and adjustments.  For the JD S680, the internal filler plates that we installed for wheat harvest will have to come out to be appropriate for corn and soybeans.  We will check the elevators and feeder house chains and adjust them to proper tension.   The combines will be as ‘ready’ as we can make them.

Have a good week.


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