“Feels like fall”

Friday, August 24, 2018

“Feels like fall”.  That’s the typical comment you hear this morning.  It is a refreshing 63F (17C) this morning, and it really does feel like an autumn morning.  It is a welcome change from the near-90 degree days we’ve been having.  Rain is predicted for this afternoon, and a return to the 90s predicted for next week.  So, this is a welcome respite from the heat.  The rain will be welcome, too.  It’ll help pack some yield on the soybeans.

Lots of progress has been made this week towards getting ready for corn and soybean harvest.  Two trucks have gone to the local shop for engine and clutch work.  Those are now home, and ready.  All 3 big tractors– CIH MX290, JD 9360R and JD 9520R– have been in our shop for a thorough inspection, service, and cleaning.  The MX290 even got a waxing!  They all shine like new.   Each of those tractors will have harvest time work to do.  The 290 will pull the little no-till drill to plant strips of cover crop oats.  The 9520R will work the disk and roller to plant the wheat.  And the 9360R will get the greatest number of hours, operating the grain cart.  Almost every bushel of fall harvest goes through the grain cart!

Brandon waxes the MX 290

We have to install some cables and a scale read-out in this 9360R to make the grain cart function properly.

The 9520R had a turn in our shop, too.

The combines and headers all went through our shop this week.  They received a thorough inspection, and each chain and belt was inspected, and adjusted to proper spec if needed.  The tires’ inflation was made correct, too.

The CIH 8230 was the first one to come into our shop for inspection and adjustments.

John corrects the pressure in the tires

The S680 came into our shop later that same day. Each chain and belt was inspected and adjusted for tension as needed. One chain, on the R side of the feeder house, required a link to be removed in order to get proper tension.

John inspects the tailings elevator and re-thresher.

These concave inserts and separator grate covers, along with the lock up bolts from the 640FD header are removed. Those parts are needed during wheat harvest, but must be removed for corn and soybean harvest. These parts will be stored until combines are prepped for 2019 wheat harvest.

As John and Brandon remove the lock-up bolts from the cutterbar, they inspect the draper belts and cutting parts for any needed replacement or repair.

Once they are made completely ready, the combines are placed back into storage until the first day of #harvest18

And, in addition, a software update for our 3 Starfire 6000 GPS receivers was uploaded to each.  Click here to see the upload sequence in a JD Gen 4 Display.

When you reach this screen view, you check the box with the .prc file, and then click ‘update’ at the lower right. The upload begins immediately

Here you see the green bar indicating the progress of the update upload. This particular one took about 3 minutes. Some can take about an hour!

Finally, you see the screen you hoped to find, indicating a successful update.

Now, almost the entire fleet is prepared for fall harvest.  The last machine to undergo pre-harvest check and service will be the Demco 1350 grain cart.  It is carried on rubber tracks, not tires, and those will require a more specific adjustment and lubrication.

It is a good feeling to have the machines ‘ready’!

Have a good weekend.


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