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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It rained a tiny bit last night, .03″, hardly enough to wet the grass.  So, I went out with the 7130 and the Bush Hog cutter to mow more roadsides.  Sure makes me feel better to improve the appearance along our fields.  In fact, one of our neighbors stopped as I was working to thank us for keeping the roadsides mowed.  He said, “If it wasn’t for you farmers, the roads in this county would be awful all summer.”   I think our little narrow county roads are safer, too, when they’re mowed.  No branches or weeds to scrape the side of your vehicle…

Here’s a ‘before’ shot of a typical roadside. I’m trying to improve the appearance, and hopefully this will be the last time this is needed before harvest.

… and the ‘after’ picture.

During the bush hog work, I noticed some spots of johnsongrass that I could reach from the Gator.  After wrapping up the mowing work, I took out the Gator and sprayed those spots I found this morning.  Sure there is a lot more that could be done, but it makes me feel better if I make a stab at keeping the j-grass down along the roads.

While servicing the Peterbilt semi, Brandon discovered a couple broken exhaust pipes near the turbo, and  he’s replacing those small sections.  He has also found a leaking wheel seal, and will take it to a local mechanic tomorrow to get that fixed.  These are all parts of the pre-harvest prep… to be ready (at least as much as possible!) for fall, and to minimize the down-time during harvest.

Brandon is making certain this Pete is ready for fall.

On Monday, John and Brandon had the JD 612C corn head in the shop to inspect and lubricate it.  The good news was that the wear on the gathering chains was still minimal, and that those did not require replacement.  Therefore, the JD corn head is ‘good to go’ for fall.

We got a load of propane delivered this morning.   That’s the fuel that makes the grain dryer function.  It has other uses, too, such as heating our shop and office.  The dryer is typically pretty busy early on in the corn harvest.  It has been inspected by the dealer, and it is ready to go, too.

Stangle & Son Propane is always timely in their deliveries.

Looks like rain is coming this afternoon.  That will certainly be welcome!

The Weather Channel is giving a 100% chance for later today…

Happy 6th birthday to our granddaughter Ella!  She started her kindergarten experience just last Tuesday.  Now, she’s officially a little South Knox Spartan!

Happy mid week to you all!


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