Diverse tasks

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Got a few projects coming along today.  The guys from Montgomery Welding are fabricating the downspouts for the new leg.   We think we will see some of them installed later this week.

Jake and Derrick use a jig to splice together lengths of 10″ galvanized pipe, and then place brace cables where needed.

John is out with the JD 4730 sprayer, applying a layer of herbicide over the top of the corn.  He is using Roundup and Warrant.  If this works as we believe it will, the corn will be ‘laid by’ after this application.

It’s a little trickier guiding the sprayer through the corn rows, compared to spraying over the top of the soybeans.

Brandon has serviced the Bush-Hog and got it ready for mowing some roadsides.  I will be able to spend a few days making our fields look a bit more presentable.

Brandon checked the gearboxes, and greased the drivelines to prepare the Bush-Hog for use.

Then, the JD 7130 got a thorough washing.

The Mack truck we call ‘Vanna’ is getting some service attention and a good wash today, too.  We must be ready when the wheat is ripe for cutting, about 3 weeks or so away.

We still are looking for a good rain.   The forecast has none in it for us until Monday…



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