Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Yesterday saw the wrap-up of a couple days’ replanting soybeans.  The planting done on May 10 and 11 was done in the White River bottomlands, and the dry and hot weather since then led to a poor stand of soybeans.  So, we made the replant decision… but we knew it was not productive to plant until we received some rain.  With the remnants of TS Alberto predicted for today, we used Monday and Tuesday to replant soybeans–518 acres in all.

Here at the Freddie farm, had to replant 254 of the 310 acres.

At the Nellie field, there was larger areas of soybeans with an adequate stand.

After #replant18 wrapped up, I was headed west on US 50 towards home, and the sky was turning dark in the southeast as TS Alberto approached.

As of 11 am today, we have received .96″ (24mm) of rain.



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