Delay continues (sort of)

Saturday, May 5, 2018

It’s a cloudy day in SWIN, and the soils are still a bit too moist to plant soybeans into them.  For a .6″ rain, it sure has stayed wet a long time.  If only the sun would shine a couple hours, I could get the soybean air drill going!

Progress continues on the leg/pit project.  Matt and Derrick from Montgomery Welding began fabricating the pit walls on Friday.  We were able to finish off the wood floor around the leg, and John has repaired the hole in the roof.  It feels like we are making headway.  Soon, the additional trunking will rise skyward.

Brandon walks on the partially-completed wood floor, as John figures out the placement of the joists beneath.

Matt shows Derrick how the pit walls will be assembled and welded into place.

The weather forecast is favorable (mostly) for the next week, and if it holds true, next week should see the completion of corn planting, and nearly-so with soybean planting.  There will soon need to be a fungicide application to the wheat crop.

Planting is delayed, but not spraying.  John is out today applying burndown herbicide to some soybean acres–it’s dry enough to support the sprayer, but not yet dry enough to place seeds into the soil.  The light wind is ideal for this application.

Have a good weekend.


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