Sunny morning

Monday, February 26, 2018

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning in SWIN.  The sky is a clear blue, and we’re headed for temperatures in the 50s.  Since there’s no wind, it’s pretty comfortable out there.  After several days of heavy rain, it is nice to see the sun again.

Brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine on this late February day.

White River (West Fork) is flooding as a result of the recent heavy rains across the Midwest.  Prediction is for a 22.5-foot crest later this week.  That will put a test on our newest levee repair from last summer.  It should be okay with a river crest that high.   Flooding this time of year is less a problem that when it occurs during the growing season.  This flood is much less than the record of 29.4 in June of 2008… that one put US 50 between Wheatland and Washington under water!

Here is this morning’s White River forecast for the Edwardsport reporting station. Our fields are about 1 day’s river flow below Edwardsport, so we expect the crest on Thursday, March 1.

Our soybean bins are now empty (MT).  We have no more inventory of 2017-crop soybeans in our storage.  It is satisfying to be MT, but it also reminds us that we will soon be planting the next crop!    There are several loads of 2017 corn remaining, but those will be gone soon, too.  The recent bump in the grain markets really helped.

John has mentioned that he wants to bring home the ammonia toolbar and the soybean planter next week.  We store them at a quonset building at our Huey farm, east of Wheatland.  Our buildings here have not quite enough room for these big pieces of equipment, and so we utilize space at that remote location…the quonset is just barely big enough to contain the drill, with a couple inches to spare.   It makes for an interesting exercise when we are backing in that drill and air cart!

The air drill in the quonset is a very tight fit.

Another part of the farm’s past is leaving today.  Brandon has found a buyer for our old, 1978 IH Loadstar 10-wheeler truck.  They’re coming today to take it away.  Dad bought it new in 1979 (from Smith Sales in Lawrenceville, IL), and it has <35,000 miles on it.  We moved to semi trucks several years ago to haul our grain, and this 10-wheeler became the tender to deliver soybean seed to the air drill.  With the new drill in spring of 2017, we now utilize a semi and hopper trailer to load the air drill, and the old orange truck was needed no more.

Old Orange Truck leaves the farm today…

Have a good week.




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  1. Pat Carnahan says:

    I remember the day your Dad bought that truck. I thought it was the ugliest color for a truck, but it’s been a good one . I would guess Lowell probably got a good deal on it since it was orange. “Whatever,” he obviously made a good choice. I’m gonna miss old orange.

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