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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The early May flooding along White River caused a lot of damage and headaches.  It contributed a majority of the acres of soybeans that had to be replanted.  It also broke through (unexpectedly) our levee at the Nellie farm.   What a mess that created–scour erosion, sand deposits, and debris.   The levee repair is now complete.  Our contractor, Olan Worland, brought in 2 bulldozers and a track hoe.  Brandon spent the past several days operating one of those.  The neighboring farmers (it’s great to have good neighbors), the Debord brothers, brought in their dozer and track hoe to assist.  They are also greatly affected by the breach of this levee.  It took a about a week of work to clear away the sand deposits and build the relocated levee.

Three dozers make for a lot of pushing power

The freshly built levee looks good as it snakes around to tie back into the undamaged portion downstream

The progress was good, and the timing of the completion of the construction work coincided with the drying out of the adjoining fields.  Therefore, John was able to finish up the replant of the soybeans at the Nellie farm.   He also completed the replant today of the spots at the nearby Commer farm.   There are very few acres of #replant17 left to do, and John has plans to do that on Monday.  Hopefully, what is still wet today will be dry and ready that day.

After a very happy April, the planting (and replanting) season has turned into marathon…but that should soon come to a conclusion.

You know…a little rain would be welcome!   Funny how you can go from floods to quite dry in a just a few days…


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