Cooler and wet

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yes, it’s much cooler out there today.  After yesterday’s 70+ degree day, it’s in the mid 30s today.  And it rained hard last night, and it continues today.  It’s predicted to keep raining through Saturday!   The weather folks are saying for us to expect some flooding on the White and Wabash Rivers.  No problem now, and better now than a flood in July!

Some in the press talk at length about the winter rains like this that perform a re-charge of the water table in the soil.  That’s true, but often such talk leaves the impression that if this re-charge takes place now, it won’t matter if the weather turns dry all summer… that this abundance of moisture will supply all our crops’ needs until harvest!   No, that’s not correct.  Yes, winter rain/snow is helpful, but by itself, it is insufficient to produce a abundant crop.  We will need some timely rainfall all summer long, into the fall.  We receive an average of a tick over 40 inches of rain here per year.   A few inches of that scattered over June, July, and August are very welcome.  We had a dry year in 2012, know as the great ‘Drought of ’12’ and we would not enjoy a repeat of that!   Most years, we have ‘just enough’ to keep the crop going and to make good yields.

36 degrees with almost nine tenths of rain since midnight… and this is before 9am!

These recent days of warmer-than-average temperatures have fooled our daffodils into thinking spring has sprung.  Yes, some are emerging.  We hope they don’t get bitten by freezing later on, but that’s likely.

Those little daffodil sprouts…


Brandon is busy on this rainy day preparing the mowers for another spring/summer/fall of work.  Each one gets a complete servicing and tune-up now to be ready for keeping all the lawn areas here looking as nice as possible.  Preventive maintenance.  We practice it.

Brandon drains the engine oil, and prepares to replace the filter. This John Deere Z970R will soon be ready for work. First mowing is often in late March.

To show how ‘global’ are the grain markets, recent bad weather in Argentina has caused a small run-up in grain prices here in the Midwest.  We are taking advantage of that to further market some 2017 and 2018 corn and soybeans.

Have a good Wednesday.

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