Rainy day and 50-year memories

Saturday, January 27, 2018

It’s a gray day out there.  This is after a rather warm and sunny week.  Rainy, drizzly, and cool.  44ºF (7C).  Not much happening here today, but later on, we’ll celebrate granddaughter Molly’s #3 birthday!  That will be a happy occasion!  The weather folks say “Look out” for February, with another arctic blast on its way.

A chilly 44 degrees and wet out there today.

We sent corn and soybeans to market this week.  Ross was able to capture some of the little run-up in the grain market, and he sold both nearby and fall ’18 corn and soybeans.  Margins are tight, and we take advantage of any time when the prices tick above our costs.

Next month, there will be the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) in Louisville.  We will probably try to take in one day there.  It’s always interesting to see the new stuff and speak to the reps about the things in which we have interest.

The HS girls season has wound down in Indiana, and the tournament begins next week.  Boys will play through February.  I have not been able to take in very many games this winter, but last Saturday, I did go to the South Knox game vs. Eastern Greene.  Of particular interest that night was a special pregame event to honor the very first South Knox basketball team from 1967-68.  Many of the players and cheerleaders were there along with Coach Sam Alford (dad of Steve Alford, currently coach of UCLA).  Even though I was on the freshman team that season, I knew those guys, and looked up to them.  Of course, Coach Alford was (and still is) a super guy.  It was a great trip down memory lane.

The 67-68 Spartans. That’s Coach Alford on the right…


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