Welcome, February.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We are being told there is some cold and snow a-comin’.   I guess we will be ready when it arrives.  We had some severe cold to start the year, and some snow, too.   Then, we had the late-January thaw.

We will have to re-install the blower on the 7130 tractor just in case we get some snowdrifts.   There is some corn to deliver this month, and the truck simply must go out when scheduled.   Therefore, the lane and nearby county roads must be clear.   We feel equipped for whatever is coming.

Right now, the temperature is 39ºF (4C), but we are told it’ll get down to 10F tonight!  Although the schedule is not as hectic as planting or harvest, there is still something to keep us out and about almost every day.

You can notice that the days are getting longer… it is especially apparent in the evenings when it just stays light longer.

We took advantage of a little run-up in the grain market to sell some nearby and 18- crop soybeans and corn.  We have received our special dicamba sprayer certifications, so we are ready for spray season.

Tonight’s cold temperatures will likely allow us to apply the top-dress nitrogen application for the wheat crop.  The guys at CPS will give it a try tomorrow morning, and they can get it all done in a day or two.  It is a happy thing to have some freezing in February for this task.  This is our ‘target month’ to do this top-dressing.  The wheat has survived the winter quite well so far, and still looks promising for a nice mid-June harvest.

Happy February, everyone!


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