Monday, January 15, 2018

The roads are snow-packed again.  We worked through the Friday night snow, and by Saturday afternoon, the main roads were okay.  But snow came again during the night, and most of the day today (Monday).  We received about 4 more inches of snow today.  I had to get out this morning to take John to Washington to retrieve his pickup from the repair shop.


IN 550 west of Wheatland this morning.

This was US 50 just south of Washington. Needs some scraping and some road salt….

Brandon was out this morning with a couple trips to GPC at Washington.  He said it was a little tricky getting around today, especially when the trailer was empty.

I gotta go to the Sullivan County Fairgrounds in the morning to attend a PARP workshop.  The new dicamba herbicide restrictions require that any person who applies dicamba be trained at an approved seminar.  I’ll get mine done tomorrow.  Here’s hoping the roads will be clear in the morning!

The temperature is supposed to go down during the night to about -2ºF (-19C).  Open the cabinet doors tonight!

John is out with the snow blower clearing the way to his house.  The wind is picking up, and the snow is drifting.  We will need to clear the lane again soon.  But it makes little sense to do so until the wind dies back down.  Patience.

This was the snow blower in action on Saturday morning…
and after doing this for a while you get a ‘crick’ in the neck. But it sure beats using a shovel!

We are just so grateful that there has been no icing, and that the electricity is still on!



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