Snowy weekend forecast

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It’s rather warm here in SWIN today, right now the temperature reads 55F (13C).  Another even warmer day is predicted for tomorrow.  But our forecast is for single digit temps on the weekend, possibly dipping below zero Saturday night.  Also in the forecast is some significant snowfall.  So, we are preparing for the possibility of snow.

John brings the snow blower into the shop to prepare it for the possible weekend snow. It is hooked up to the JD 7130 tractor.

As Brandon delivered more corn to GPC today, John has had a busy day in the shop.  With Vanna (our white Mack truck) out of its storage building today, it made it easier to pull out the JD combine to get it into the shop.  Once the combine was in the warm shop, John worked to replace the device that communicates information between the office and the combine.  The device is called a Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) and the replacement upgrades the communications from 3G to 4G.  There is small box and an antenna involved in the change-over.  It required John to remove the roof from the combine’s cab and fish some wires down through the frame to get the old parts out and the new parts installed.   We can call up and observe this machine’s operation through John Deere’s system called JD Link.  This system will send harvest information to the office, and we can send set-up information to the combine — wirelessly.  Deere has another acronym for such a thing–WDT (wireless data transfer).

It’s a little crowded in the shop today.

Here’s a peek under the cab roof. That little shark fin is part of the antenna for the MTG.

Down behind the seat inside the cab is a box with electronic modules.

The warmer temperatures of the past few days has brought a big January thaw.   It’s really messy around the farm lot today.  I think I’d prefer that the weather bring us 20-degree days!  That way, stuff would stay a lot cleaner.   But, warm or cold, some tasks must go on.

Messy farm lot around the bins and buildings today. Looking forward to the re-freeze.

Indiana Ag Leadership Class 17 is coming to Vincennes beginning tomorrow.  We hope they find their time in Knox County interesting and helpful.



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