One down…

Monday, January 8, 2018

Brandon tells me that Bin #1 is MT (empty).  That leaves 7 more to go.  As he delivers the grain to market this month, he may be able to check off more of them.  It’s a mixed bag to have an empty grain bin.  It’s feels good to have that work behind you, and know you’ve delivered a quality product to market.  That’s what pays the bills!  But it’s a little down, too, to know that you’re that much closer to running dry on having something in reserve to sell.  I don’t want to sound disappointed about it, because we had a good harvest.  It went quickly by, with very little troubles.  The dry fall weather made it pleasant to move about the fields with the combines and trucks.  There were few delays.  And the yields were a tick above average for soybeans, but one of the best corn yields ever.  So, this milestone of having a grain bin go MT, is okay.

After a period of many days with very cold weather, (as low as -2ºF or -19C) we are having a warmer day (35F) with rain.   The report this morning told us of about .2″ (5mm) rain all across the farms.  So, not a huge rain event, but welcome.  The moderating temperatures are welcome for our wheat crop, too.  During the extra-cold days and nights, there was not a lot of snow cover to protect the wheat.   We are hoping that the very cold period has stopped the growth of the oats we planted for cover crop.

The components of the grain leg replacement project have arrived at the farm.  The new Creamer Metal Products elevator, with its powered 10-hole distributor are on-site.   The pipes for the downspouts have arrived at the contractor’s Montgomery, Indiana location.   Now, it’s looking like a late March or early April time for tear down and erection.  The electrical components will be a big part of the project’s expense, too.  Even though I’ve learned to estimate high for electrical work, it seems as though I’m always surprised at how expensive it is!

January has been busy in the farm office, as I prepare financial reports for our banker.  I must refine the ongoing work on the cash flow, an important exercise.  One of the more important documents is the Crop Budget report, in which we try to precisely define our cost per unit of production.  That is an important number to know, for it helps give confidence to marketing.

The Indiana Ag Leadership program is coming to Vincennes this week, Thursday through Saturday.  The program is sponsored by the Indiana AgrIInstitute.  I was a member of that program’s Class VII.  The class coming this week is number 17!   So, it’s been 20+ years ago that I went through that experience, and it has a special place in my heart.  I hope to join the group for dinner on Friday.

Have a great week!


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