Another meeting.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

When John and Brandon attended the PARP meeting in Vincennes on Wednesday, they learned about the many new restrictions on the use of dicamba for 2018.   Dicamba (one old brand name was Banvel) is a herbicide that has been around for a long time, and it is safe to use.  The difficulty comes when it volatilizes under certain weather conditions and drifts off target.

When John returned home from the PARP meeting, he was pretty animated about the new regulations.  He said that using the weather conditions of 2017 as a pattern, there would only be 44 hours during the month of June when the application of dicamba herbicide would have been acceptable according to the new label.  And, now I understand that every person who applies dicamba must attend a dicamba training session, not just the Private Applicator license holder.  I have let my PA expire, since John is the one in charge of the sprayer applications nowadays.  But, there are occasions when I take a turn spraying… so I must attend one of these meetings this winter.   In every other instance, other operators could apply herbicides under the supervision of the license holder.  But not for dicamba, not now.    The new requirements are cumbersome and very restrictive.  It has John wondering if we want to utilize the Xtend technology at all.   There are going to be some very interesting conversations with seed and chemical representatives!   We will likely maintain our current 2018 plan, and see how we can make it work under the new rules.

We strive to be good stewards of our resources, and we will comply with every requirement imposed upon us.  It just seems like an over-reaction by the State Chemist’s office this time.  Their typical common sense approach has been affected by last summer’s headlines in the ag media.  We will see how it goes for 2018.  Hopefully, the new regulations will lead to greater confidence for dicamba use.

Ben is home this weekend from his work at Republic Airline, and he’s now in the shop washing the salt off his car.  Could be a short-lived benefit, for rain/snow/sleet/ice is predicted for tomorrow.

Winter in Indiana.  Always an adventure.


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