HNY, here we go…

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The new year is off and running.  I wrote several checks yesterday, and did not write “2017” on any of them.  That’s unusual, for it’s typical for me in the first week of a new year to write the wrong date on a check.  I don’t think I’m alone in that problem…

Brandon is delivering some soybeans to Robinson’s  this week.  The January grain sales contracts must be filled.  It is slightly warmer today, up to 18ºF (-8ºC) now, and since there’s no wind, it’s not too bad out there.  But the previous few days got down below zero at night, and single digits in the daytime.  Whew!   We are told it’ll get slightly above freezing for the weekend, with some rain.  Some weather prognosticators are forecasting a January thaw followed by a severely cold February.  Who knows for sure?  The One who does know is not telling… He just wants us to trust Him.

Loading the Pete with soybeans today. They sure look nice in the hopper trailer.

There are snow flurries out there right now, but almost imperceptible.

Tomorrow, John and Brandon will attend a special pesticide applicator’s meeting, with specific training on dicamba use.  They will be trained on the record-keeping requirements that appear to be quite a bit more stringent for 2018.  Those meetings are called “PARP” meetings.

Next week, the Jan corn deliveries will commence.

I’ve got some work lined up for tomorrow, with refinements to the cash flows, crop budgets, and reports for our banker.   It’s a good thing I enjoy office work, it’ll be a good place to be working tomorrow!  Next week, the JD corn head should come into the shop for a close inspection, and a possible re-build of the gathering chains and sprockets on each of the 12 row units.

Have a good week.


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