End in sight (soybeans, that is)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Well, we moved into the Freddie farm yesterday afternoon.  It’s our largest field, 310 acres, and most distant from the farm.  The soybeans there were replanted in early June because the April-planted ones were taken out by a flood in May.   We may have a slight delay, for we are getting sprinkles of rain this morning.  Not a problem, for it has been dry for so very long.  The dry weather has been quite conducive to soybean harvest and we made good progress.   Once the Freddie farm is done, we will only have to return to 3 other fields to cut some tiny areas of  replant soybeans.

So, depending on the weather, we may soon have the soybean crop behind us.  Need a couple good days to wrap that up.  We are happy to be receiving some rain.  It will help launch the wheat crop and the cover-crop oats.

The rows at the Freddie farm are a mile long.

Working at the Huey farm on Tuesday evening.

Have a good weekend.



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