Wrapping up one task

Monday, October 2, 2017

Larry is back today, and he should finish the planting of the 2018-crop wheat.  He has been working very diligently since September 25.  We discussed this morning his experience with wheat planting.  According to his ‘red book’ (where he kept his hours for many years) he began planting our wheat crop with the fall of 1976.  We never have to be concerned about Larry’s work, his many years of experience with this task are apparent.

The fields where the wheat is sown look really great.  We are hoping that a gentle rain will come soon to help this crop get started.  It’s been so dry for so long, that we are not confident the wheat will sprout without a rain.  The weather folks are predicting a small chance for a rain event on Friday.

We continue to harvest soybeans.  Ross will take a drive this morning to check on some of the fields that were replanted after the May flooding along White River.  Not sure they’ll be ready yet, but if so, we will just continue the march through our soybean crop.  If they’re not ready yet, we will likely convert over to corn harvest tomorrow.   The conditions will tell us what we’re going to do.

Have a wonderful week.  Happy October!

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