Check a couple things off the list

Saturday, October 7, 2017

We finished with soybean harvest on Friday.  The wheat crop for 2018 is planted.  So, we have a couple tasks in the record books.  We began again in corn on Friday evening and ran Saturday, too, until a small rain took us out of the field.  The small rain was very welcome.  We are taking Sunday off to rest.

View from the combine on Saturday.

Here is the storm cloud rolling in on Saturday evening. Looks ominous, but had a light rain in it.

Beginning Monday, we hope to return to corn harvest, and planting cover crop strips.  There are a few fields where we would like to run the bush hog around the edge.  I’d like to run the disk over the area on Freddie where the July flood killed the soybeans.  So, we are beginning to make a list of post-harvest tasks.

Have a happy weekend!

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