The list dwindles…

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Progress is being made on preparations for #harvest17.

S680 combine                      check

8230 combine                     check

CIH headers                        check

JD headers                          check

4 semi trucks                      check

4 hopper trailers                check

CIH 340 disk                      check

Unverferth roller               check

JD 9330 tractor                 check

JD 9360R tractor              check

CIH MX 290 tractor         check

Fuel trailer                          check

Demco grain cart              to be checked late next week (it’s ‘way back in the shed)

It has been a busy week of shop work, and that kind of mechanic work can be tiresome.   John and Brandon will inspect the grain bins, and clean the ‘wet’ bin.  The drag conveyors need some lubrication, as well as the old grain leg.  Then, after a pit cleaning (yuck) the list will be complete.  We are thinking there will be a start to harvesting in corn the week of Sep 11.

The fuel trailer needed new taillights, and John is installing them, soldering the wire connections.

The 8230 is back in storage for now, but it was in the shop, inspected, adjusted, lubricated, and test-run. Ready.

We are happy with the weather these days after Tuesday’s rain.  The cooler temperatures of 50s at night and low 80s in the day make this preparation work more pleasant.

We will be ready.   Well, as much as is practically possible.  There is often a surprise on the first day, some unanticipated glitch that makes us respond.  But as we approach #harvest17, we are feeling prepared!

Good weekend to all.


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