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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It’s a rainy morning in SWIN!  We’ve been hoping (and praying) for some rain for about 15 days now, and it’s a happy thing to see it coming.

Not only can you see this healthy rain, but the sound is so pleasing on this late August day.

I hope you had the opportunity to experience the eclipse yesterday.  We used the cutting torch goggles underneath our welding helmet to view it at it’s highest point here (97%) at 2:20 pm.  It was a memorable sight!

I borrowed this photo from the internet, but this is almost exactly what we saw here at the farm in SWIN 2:20pm EDT.

We have been making progress on our harvest preparations.  The trucks are finally all ready.  A couple of them had to go to town for some A/C and brake repairs.  The guys are working today on the landing gear of one of the hopper trailers.  It was getting too hard to crank, and they’ve fixed that.


John finishes off the repair of Vanna’s (White Mack truck) trailer.

Yesterday was a good day for mowing roadsides.  This should be the final pass for the bush hog before harvest.

Working along the Shake farm, making it look ‘cared for’ before soybean harvest

The JD S680 combine and its headers came out of storage yesterday and got their pre-harvest service. Those are now ready for #harvest17.

This header got new cutting parts after last fall’s harvest, so only an inspection and lubrication is needed to prepare it.  The trailer’s tires had their pressure corrected.

John turns a pulley by hand to position a grease fitting properly for Brandon to access.  Not only lubrication, but the guys went through a thorough inspection.  Any chain or belt out of spec was adjusted.  The harvest field and variety information has been loaded into the GS2630 screen.

The rain seems to have ‘let up’ for now. We are celebrating the number shown on this weather station in the farm office. See the rainfall in the blue box on the lower right side of the station? 1.86″ (47mm)

We are grateful for this rain.  As dad would have said, “This will ruin those little soybeans…it’ll turn them into big soybeans!”

Have a great day.

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