#replant17 and #3plant17

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The good news is that the marathon of #replant17 and #3plant17 is now over!  John was able to complete that yesterday.  At long last, the flood waters at the Freddie farm had dried up, making it possible to do the remainder of the job.  And it wasn’t just the flooding, it was also pounding rains on some replanted fields–crust-makers that stop soybeans from emerging from the soil.  So, some acres required to be planted a third time- thus the hashtag #3plant17.  It was a record number of our soybean acres that needed replanted.

Now, the air drill is ready for clean-out and clean-up.  It’s been a long time since the new JD 1890-1910 air drill was hooked up to the JD 9330 tractor.  (Back in late March).  It’ll be great to get both machines back under roof.

Brandon has been delivering some 2016 corn to market.  A recent spike in the corn price made some sales favorable. We think it was the dry and hot weather across the vast corn belt (more than just the I-states) that pulled the corn price up.  Only a few loads of corn remain in our storage.

After having too much rain in May, we are now asking for a gentle rain to come soon!  No, we are not really that fickle, but this is just another firm reminder of just how dependent we are on the blessings of our Maker.



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