#replant17 is done (sort of)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yes, the soybean replanting is finished…except for the areas in 3 fields that still have water standing on them.  So, rather than say ‘done’, I guess we should say ‘caught up’.  It has been a good planting week.  The soil conditions have been quite nice in these fields along and near White River where the early-May flooding took place.  We are unsure how long it will take for the waters to fully recede, but we will be ready once that happens.  The estimate of muddy/water-covered acres remaining to plant would be 80.  So, it will not take me long, once the field conditions allow.

I’m breathing a sigh of relief because this spring has set a farm record (by far) for the number of acres of soybeans that required a replant.  May flooding from creeks and White River, plus crusting by driving downpours of rain, created a perfect storm of #replant17 for our soybean crop.

Here, you can see the mud/water in the slough at the Commer farm.

There’s a little moon-shaped water hole here are the Commer farm. We will return to plant it after it dries.

Away from the water and mud, you can see that the air drill raises some dust in these very good planting conditions.

Looking forward to seeing those soybeans emerge and turn the field green.

On another note, Ross finished up the replanting of corn on Tuesday.  He had just about 2 acres at the Huey farm that finally dried enough for him to get the corn replant all done.  There really wasn’t that much, less than 20 acres in total.


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