White River, Post-flood replant

Tuesday evening, May 30, 2017


The planters were out in full force today.  All the neighbors were in sight across the White River flood plain fields.  There were 10 planters of all sizes (mostly big ones!) that I could see from where I was working today.   I was replanting soybeans at the Freddie farm, our largest field (and most distant).  309.99 acres, but there was a slough of water still diagonal across the middle of the field, so by the screen’s calculation, I planted 296 acres of that today.

Here is the slough of water across the Freddie farm. It runs at a diagonal to the planted rows. When I planted this field the first time near the end of April, it went a little faster, for there was no water to drive/plant around.

The soil conditions yesterday and today were quite good, with a dry surface, and healthy moisture at seeding depth.  It was one of those days when  you could ‘feel good’ about what you were doing.  I was also able to work most of the day yesterday in our fields near where US 50 crosses White River.  I had a goal yesterday to replant 80-90 acres, but ended the day with 195 done.   Those fields, as well as Freddie, will need to be revisited when the sloughs of water have drained away and dried up–maybe the 2nd or 3rd week of June.

The plan is to replant large patches of the Huey farm’s large, flat fields on Wednesday/Thursday.

Well, we are making progress, once again.


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