A big ( and necessary ) job

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Today, we are getting a major ditch crossing repaired.  We discovered several days ago a failing culvert pipe in the Kessinger Ditch… it is our (only) way to get to the back field at the Pond farm.  So, we found a source for the replacement 10′ diameter, 50′ long culvert.  It was delivered this morning, and our contractor, Mr. Olan Worland, set about to rip out the old one and install the new one.   The old one was crushed and folded and buried onsite.

With a dozer and an excavator on each side of the ditch, the old culvert pipe is being uncovered in order to be removed.

Brandon assisted by operating one of the excavators.

Ross went down to the site to offer some suggestions and supervision.

John is 6-5, and this shows just how big this culvert really is!

With a the new culvert in place, the cover-up begins

Pushing earth to build the new driveway over the culvert.

Here is our contractor, Olan Worland (R), with his son Bill.

As a final step, Brandon spreads fescue seed over the area disturbed by the construction. A healthy cover of fescue sod is on its way to protect the soil.

We will now be able to cross Kessinger Ditch to our field with confidence once again!

We are hoping to get back to spraying tomorrow and to planting on Friday or Saturday.


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